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The Birds and the Bees -- Part 1

Discussing The Sensitive Topics With Your Children

56 min

Class Summary:

This radio show, broadcast on April 18, 2015, focuses on how to speak to your children about their developing bodies and the gift and sensitivity of intimacy.

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    Eileen -9 years ago

    Excellent work. Such an important topic..rarely spoken about.

    Thank you for being so out front. Your radio program is terrific, thank you.

    You are such a gifted speaker, B'H.

    Continue to use your blessed gifts for good..from strength to strength.

    Shavua Tov, and Chodesh Tov, Eileen

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    Avi -9 years ago

    Rabbi Jacobson,
    Thank you for discussing a topic that is not addressed enough. Your radio broadcast started with talking about how to discuss the topic of the "Birds and the Bees" with children and it seems the radio show ended with talking about different struggles that teenagers and adults have regarding this subject. Please have a show that is dedicated to address the different struggles, pit falls and challenges of this subject as it relates to teenagers and adults. Again, this subject is not addressed enough and what a better venue to discuss it than on public radio.

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    Sholom -9 years ago

    Excellent excellent show about a 'taboo' topic in the frum community. It deserves another radio segment. Your advice and outlook was eye-opening and resonates. May other people in public positions recognize the need and responsibility to address this crucial issue in an appropriate and healthy manner. I think that the confusion that bochurim often experience with this this whole issue is one of the main factors of them going of the derech both inwardly or also outwardly. Thank you and much success in your future shows.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • April 18, 2015
  • |
  • 29 Nisan 5775
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