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Anxiety of a Soul

Torah Or Yisro Maamar "Bachodesh Hashlishi:" How Torah Will Set You Free

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Anxiety of a Soul-Torah Or Yisro Maamar "Bachodesh Hashlishi:" How Torah Will Set You Free

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  • C

    chad -11 years ago

    appreciate the insight
    such great information. traveling to Israel next month with http://www.ittworld.com. Can't wait.

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  • ZH

    Zvi Horovitz -11 years ago

    The Torah approach
    A superb essay - Yasher Koach Rabbi.

    This essay should appear in every major newspaper. The connection to Torah truth to today's conflict with Israel's Arab neighbors is inescapable and most illuminating. Your writing should be read over and over, and over again until one has it seared in the brain - these are powerful facts that you present. It offers powerful arguments when we face Israel's detractors and the disseminators of falsehood.

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  • A

    Anonymous -11 years ago

    Email I received
    Call a spade a spade. 

    The real perpetrator of this 'Two State 'Solution' is Shimon Peres. He has never stopped pushing his, as you put it, 'embracing the Arab version of truth'.  And even now he uses his position as Nasi, an officially a-political post, to push his PURELY political position claiming that it is not his opinion but rather the TRUTH (a la what you mentioned).

    Until he is exposed, challenged and belittled you have no chance convincing anyone except, perhaps, the convinced.

    The ONLY solution is

    Moshiach NOW!


    Rabbi Tuvia Bulton

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  • Y

    Yehudit -11 years ago

    what to do
    A concise articulate article. Thank you. As we are approaching another nexus as the movement to gain sovereignty in judea and samaria builds, I intend to to print this article with your permission and distribute to synagogues in my area. First the Jews must be educated and together as a people. If everyone would print and distribute throughout their jewish community, perhapswe can wake up. We have a long history of wanting to live in peace with others, and expecting peace in return-otherwise, Moshe Dayan would not have given governance of har habayit to the Arabs. Also, its a little known fact that Arafat was Egyptian born and raised in Cairo, he was a government clerk who came to Israel to join the Arabs against Jewish presence. 

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  • CZ

    Chaim Zvi -11 years ago

    Demographics of Population
    Everything you write is true and beautifully articulated.

    One question:

    If Israel is to retain full hold of the land from the sea to the Jordan River, how should Israel deal with the fact that they can shortly be voted out of the kneset.

    The population figures fro greater israel includes about 5.5 million Jews, vs a slightly smaller number of non-Jews (arabs).

    Will this remain a Jewish state with the arab natural growth rate much greater than the jewish one?

    Should Israel not give voting rights to all it's inhabitants?

    Any ideas?

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  • C

    Chayim -11 years ago

    nice job

    nice job Rabbi. unfortunately my cynicism makes it's difficult to see the point. you are either " preaching to the choir" or wasting your breath on those brainwashed by liberal propaganda. even those people know the truth, if they won't admit it, and no amount of "facts" can change their mind, if they are even here to read it. i know the Rebbe gave us a mission, and i applaud your efforts to carry it out, but perhaps your energies would be better spent sharing ways that those of who us are already "believers, sons of believers" can strengthen our yiddishkeit and help our brothers and sisters come back to Torah/Mitzvos. i am not being critical Rabbi, i am certainly not qualified to make judgments, i'm not even sure i qualify to have an opinion, i am just saying maybe there are more pressing matters. i'm all for Yisroel, but i wonder how much we can help "The State of Israel" when they have a different rule book? we here all know that Moshiach is coming any minute now and then the Rebbe will be able to guide us all triumphantly home. in the mean time i pray we all find a way to be victorious in the struggle for independence from all those who hope to see us fail.

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  • M

    Miriam -13 years ago

    Dear Rabbi Paltiel,

    Your shiurim are really helping me grow. I most appreciate your honesty, when I can hear from the clarity of your words that you understand, and when you don't know you say so.

    In this shiur there was a small point in which you seemed to contradict yourself, so I would just like some clarification. In 23:52-58 you said "Ain Ode Milvado means I don't exist. Ain Ode Milvado means the person who punched me in the nose didn't punch me, G-d did." Which one is it? Because if I don't exist, I don't have a nose to punch, so how could I say G-d punched me?

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    • RYP

      Rabbi Yossi Paltiel -13 years ago

      Re: clarification
      I will attempt to answer you. But I must preface by saying that your question is an academic one, not an avoda question.

      The important point is that everything comes from Hashem. This is constant whether we don't exist or our existence is G-dly. What matters is that Hashem governs each aspect of our lives. More importantly when we deal with this issue practically we deal with it from our point of view- each of us think we exist and (in our mind) quite important. Thus when someone wrongs us we are justified (in our own minds) to be angry.

      The message is to see this as Hashgacha protis- G-d did this to me, and since I construe myself as real, this is the basis from which I deal with these challenges.

      Now to your question. It's my understanding that these are two points of view (perhaps even two opinions). One holds the truth of the world is that it isn't; while the second holds that it's truth but that it is an expression of G-dliness.

      What I'm pretty sure about is that the second idea is deeper and truer than the first according to Chabad.

      The Sefer Toras Shalom records (it's not in front of me right now) that The Rebbe Rashab was once told the following story. The Koznitzer Magid once said that his body wasn't physical. His son responded by touching his hand and asking "Tatte' Ich Top Gif" (Father i feel a physical body) to which the holy Koznitzer replied "Az du tapst mit gif filste' gif" (since your touch is physical you feel me as such (though he wasn't)).

      The Rebbe Rashab responded (if I understand it correctly) that the body of a holy man is physical. It simply doesn't have the same limitations as ours do.

      I hope this helps.

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  • KT

    Kayo, Tokyo -13 years ago

    The order of Isarusa
    Baruch HaShem

    So, from the Maamar last week, we should start from davening, then study Torah, ane then davening?

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  • KT

    Kayo, Tokyo -13 years ago

    Can you lie in front of HaShem?
    Baruch HaShem

    Rabbi Paltiel said first we have to honest to ourselves. I think the kind of person who lie to his or herself would not want the relationship with G-d. People who want to have a relationship with HaShem simply can not lie in front of HaShem.

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  • BR

    benjamin romano -13 years ago

    dear poster
    Haven't you forgot someone?
    Thank Hashem Yithbarech!

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  • Y

    Yossi -13 years ago

    we miss the stores

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