Dedicated by Eliot Kaplan in honor of Gimel Tamuz and to all the Shluchim spreading the Rebbe's message to bring Moshiach Now!

Maamar Meraglim Shlach 5715 #4
How Emotions Think
Thoughts Create Emotions, or Do They?
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Class Summary:
This is a text-based class on the Maamar, Chassidic discourse, by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Lehavin Inyan Taanas Hameraglim, presented by the Rebbe on Shabbos Parshas Shlach, 28 Sivan, 5715, June 18, 1955.

This class was presented by Rabbi YY Jacobson on Monday, Parshas Korach, 27 Sivan, 5781, June 7, 2021, live from his home in Monsey, NY.