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The Divorce Series #2
Life After Divorce - Part 2
Class Summary:
This is part two of a series about Life After Divorce, addressed by Rabbi YY Jacobson on Thursday, 23 Sivan, 5781, June 3, 2021. This series is part of "Let's Get Real" live interactive conferences with life coach Menachem Berenfeld and Asher Parnes.

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In this series, we will be exploring a variety of topics including:

1. The initial hurt and the healing process.
2. The fighting in court and beis din.
3. Feeling abandoned by former family and friends.
4. Feeling estranged from the community.
5. Navigating your children's journey.
6. Dealing with parental alienation.
7. The withholding of a get.
8. The appropriate time to explore dating and remarriage.
9. Navigating second marriages and the challenges of blending families.