Dedicated by Ron Kreisel in memory of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Rabbi YY on Podcast "From Inside Out"
Answering Life's Tough Questions with Rabbi YY
Finding Your Calling, Israel and Hamas, Mental Health, Parenting & Education, Living an Inspired Life
Class Summary:
Rabbi YY Jacobson on a Podcast with Rivkah Krinsky and Eda Schottenstein, "From Inside Out." To access their weekly podcast go to:

How do we speak our truth when it isn’t popular?  How do we explain the decline in our collective mental health?  What inconvenient truths do we need to acknowledge before healing?

In this episode, we ask Rabbi YY Jacobson these questions (and others). He is of the most sought-after Jewish speakers in the world today and stands among the most successful contemporary communicators of spirituality - lecturing to global audiences of all faiths and walks of life. Rabbi Jacobson’s compelling and deeply insightful answers remind us how it is only through confronting the truth that we can truly set ourselves free.