​To Pascale Shoshana Sasson, in honor of your 50th birthday and 26 years of marriage. You are a great Mother and Eishet Chayil! From Benjamin, Maya, Leah, Joseph , Tally and David Pisarevsky

Keynote Lecture at Banquet of Bris Avraham, Fair Lawn, NJ
Socrates, Caesar & Moses Visit Athens, Rome and Jerusalem
The Secret of Jewish Continuity & the Last Sholom Aleichem of the Dumbrov Jews
Class Summary:
This lecture by Rabbi YY Jacobson was presented at the Dinner of Bris Avraham, Fair Lawn, NJ, on Febuary 12, 2017. Filled with humor, anecdtoes, and stories, it captures the secret of Jewish continuity and eternity.