Leilu Nishmas Reb Eliyahu Tzion ben Reb Chananya Niasoff ז״ל
And in the merit of our partner in Torah, Yigal Yisroel ben Sofia, שיחי׳

Lecture Sinai Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa
The Epic Struggle of Jewish Identity
Why Do Many Jews Feel Uncomfortable with Themselves?
Class Summary:
This powerful tour de force on the meaning of Jewish identity in today's world was presented by Rabbi YY Jacobson in Cape Town, South Africa, June 18, 2011 (Motzaei Shabbos Parshas Shlach, 16 Sivan, 5771). The MC is Rabbi Osher Feldman, spiritual leader of Gardens Shul, Cape Town.

Who are we? Are we a parochial tribe or a universal people? Must we stand apart from the rest of the world, or should we integrate? Drawing on one of the most dramatic biblical stories about Jacob wrestling with a mysterious man in middle of the night, following which Jacob and his twin Esau, longtime rivals, embrace with love, we discover some of the profoundest truths about the drama, pain and blessing of Jewish existence. 

The lecture draws on the kosher signs for fish, fins and scales, and how they represent the cosmic and parochial components of Jewish life.