About Us

TheYeshiva.net, now in Beta version, is a global classroom for Jewish thought and its contemporary applications, where visitors from all backgrounds can access the full scope and depth of Judaism, in a structured, academic and inspiring fashion. TheYeshiva.Net will serve as a platform for great minds to present the full grandeur and mystery of Judaism, training a new generation of informed teachers and leaders. The lectures, courses and essays on the website will fuse the rational, psychological, spiritual, emotional and practical dimensions of Judaism into a holistic tapestry, and will contain diverse tracks for students of different levels.

Our goal is to unlock knowledge, empower minds and present Jewish learning as a journey into a place where one feels and experiences the information with their entire being. This type of Torah is at once stimulating to the mind, healing to the heart, inspiring to the soul, and practical for everyday living.

TheYeshiva.Net will offer live and interactive classes, lectures and courses – in English, Hebrew and Yiddish -- on diverse aspects of Jewish thought: The weekly Torah portion, Talmud, Biblical studies, Midrash, Kabbalah and Chassidism, Jewish law, history, spirituality, and psychology, life-themes and current events. The website, which will host live debates, musical programs, and spiritual encounters, will also serve as a “think-tank” to apply Jewish thought to the challenges of contemporary life.

The dean and Rosh Yeshiva of TheYeshiva.Net is the world renowned teacher, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Jacobson, who is considered to be one of the most successful and passionate communicators of Judaism today. He will be joined by a team of high-caliber instructors.

TheYeshiva.net is operated by Bais Gavriel, a non-for-profit organization, funded by private individuals.